Number One Nightclub

The recordings were made in 1974 at Number One nightclub (Maria Quiteria street, Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro). The Number One's musicians played with the soul music singer Spanky Wilson in a series of shows in Rio - until at the TV. The sound is not perfect, but it's an interesting record from a great brazilian band. The famous composer-singer Djavan was one of the back-vocals. At the end of Kissing My Love (Bill Withers), Spanky introduces the musicians.

Tranka Oliveira: eletric bass
Edson Frederico: piano
José Carlos: eletric guitar
Juarez Araújo: tenor sax
Nilton Rodrigues: trumpet
Tião Cruz: drums
Áurea Martins, Djavan and Marcio José: back-vocals
1. A Love Song (Leslie Duncan)A Love Song 
2. It's All Right With Me (Cole Porter)
3. You And I (Stevie Wonder)
4.Kissing My Love (Bill Withers)
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Marcia Calmon & Tranka
Concepção e Textos: Marcia Calmon

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